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Alumnae Adventure Awaits

Whether you are new to Nashville, new to being an alumna, or simply in need of a little in-person sisterhood, Alumnae Adventure Awaits at our upcoming gettogether. We’ll be welcoming sisters in an outdoor setting at Moss Wright Park in Goodlettsville, just north of the city and closer to our two sister collegiate chapters –Continue reading “Alumnae Adventure Awaits”

Sigma Kappa Foundation Programs

In response to diminished giving last year, the Foundation has brought on a new volunteer to create, manage, advertise, and execute several virtual fundraisers under the umbrella of Sigma Kappa Foundation NHQ.  These will be promoted by the Communication team through social media and the Triangle, they are incorporated into our webpages, and we’ll beContinue reading “Sigma Kappa Foundation Programs”

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